FourFourTwo announces new partnership in Denmark

FourFourTwo announces new partnership in Demark (Haymarket)

Under the terms of the new deal, FourFourTwo will provide the local partner with digital content – such as previews, interviews and analysis – to give them the inside track on the beautiful game.

FourFourTwo is positioning itself for strong growth in new markets and distribution channels reaching football fans around the globe, connecting with more than 20 markets through global partners. This new digital partnership will advance FourFourTwo’s strategic vision to build digital capabilities in pursuit of becoming the world’s market-leading football media brand.

“I am delighted to start a new partnership with FourFourTwo, which will add high quality male content to our Pling Lite app. I am personally a massive fan of FourFourTwo and look forward to reading articles from the world’s biggest football magazine, in Danish,” says Mike Skype, Commercial Partnerships Manager at Aller Media.

Alastair Lewis, Haymarket Consumer Media’s Group Director, said: “I’m delighted to welcome our new partnership for FourFourTwo. The agreement is a great example of the ways we are working with partners around the globe to extend our brands and take our content to new audiences.”

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