Video: Future CEO’s vision for the future

But the times-they-are-a-changing, and in and growing sea of gadgets and gaming, audiences are turning towards trusted media brands – both online and offline – to help them make sense of the digital noise. One media owner that has long-since been at the forefront of the technological change is Future, who with titles like T3 and TechRadar continue to lead the charge. 

We caught up with Future at its ‘Future Festival’ on 13 May week – a 30 year anniversary celebration of the now Publicly-listed company as they announced new changes and a newly launched version of T3 magazine. 

In this exclusive video for FIPP, CEO of Future plc Zillah Byng-Maddick unveils her vision for the Future, joined by Zack Sullivan, head of consumer operations, and Joe McEvoy, retail director for the consumer portfolio.

Some notable talking points from Byng-Maddick’s interview below: 

00:31: Although there’s lots of gadgets out there, we don’t [always] know how to use them.

“We create unique ‘how-to’ content, which shows [consumers] how to use their technology. Some of the insight from Techmonitor is telling us that although there are lots of gadgets out there, we don’t know how to use them, and that’s where Future can really help.”  

00:52: What’s the best product for our Consumers? AND once they buy it, how can they put it to best use? 

01:04: It’s really exciting that tomorrow [14 May 2015] we relaunch T3, one of our iconic brands.

“Today we’re celebrating all things Future so we’re showcasing all our brands, but it’s really exciting that tomorrow we relaunch T3, one of our iconic brands, and it’s one of the first multichannel relaunches. We’re relaunching the magazine, we’ve relaunched the digital editions, we’re relaunching it online, and we’e relaunching the T3 Awards in October. So it’s a real ‘get behind it, push it hard’ and the tagline for T3 is ‘life’s better with T3’.

01:30: We make your life easier and we help you enjoy the things you love better. 


The Future Festival was a huge event which saw the relaunch of one of the media industry’s flagship titles and the release of some key audience research. With so much data at their disposal, an emphasis on advanced segmentation for their advertisers, and a dedication to the growing technology sector, Future plc looks set to be at the forefront of growth for traditional publishers in the ‘post-social media frenzy’ era. 

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