Future drops ‘publisher’ job title

Future has reorganised its UK senior management structure, as the company continues to transition towards becoming a predominantly digital business.
The most significant aspect of the changes is that the title ‘publisher’ will be dropped from job roles in a move designed to better reflect the function of senior managers in driving all aspects of the commercial development of their brands.
Mark Wood, Future CEO said: “Publisher is an outmoded job title for what is required of our business heads now. These changes reflect our re-positioning away from a platform-focused structure to a more audience-based approach. Our business leaders have a far broader remit to drive audience and revenue growth across a full range of platforms and touch points – including events, video, ecommerce and mobile.
“Future’s business model has changed at speed – and will continue to do so. We are recognised as an international leader in tablet publishing, we’ve delivered 46 per cent growth year-on-year in global unique users and digital advertising now represents more than 57 per cent of total advertising revenue. Meanwhile we are building powerful new offerings in terms of creative solutions, native content and beyond – and in turn we are building significant new partnerships with international clients like Hyundai, O2 and Dell. The new structure best places us to drive the business forward.”

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