Get ‘a deep sense of what’s important in the industry’

Piotr is a regular attendee of the Insight Forum and Awards and other FIPP events.

The aim of the annual FIPP Insight Forum and Awards is to bring together insight, marketing and sales professionals to discuss the latest industry research from around the world, compare results and get ideas for future studies. This is also where we award the FIPP Insight Awards for the best studies worldwide. 

The FIPP Insight Forum and Awards is a smaller, more intimate event designed to foster a high degree of interaction, critical discussion and actionable take-outs. This year’s event takes place on 18-19 May at Sanoma’s offices in Hoofdorp, The Netherlands.

The idea behind the event is to allow delegates to come together to discuss, face-to-face, latest industry insight research, trends and experiences to foster ongoing development of the ROI of magazines in their markets, and the industry overall. It is done through an intense two days of presentations, deep-dive workshops and general networking opportunity. 

Here is Piotr on why he attends the FIPP Insight Forum and Awards.

Why do you see value in the Forum and Awards?

 The Forum is an excellent opportunity to see and hear people from all over the magazine media industry, who have similar problems to tackle and similar challenges ahead of them. We are very conscious about those challenges and there is nothing new as such, but it is important to have the Forum to bring together different participants to engage on different ways to approach the challenges. Moreover, the Forum is a great opportunity to see what is important to others in the industry, what they are currently looking for and what is on their agenda.   

Why is getting together as an industry, sharing insight important?

We are often like the rabbit in a hole and do not stick our heads out to look what goes on around us. I think to meet other people; to meet other professionals might not solve all our problems, but usually it gives us inspiration and strands of the knowledge we are looking for. Sometimes even one intense conversation during the coffee break can be of a tremendous value. That is the value of getting together to meet face-to-face.

 How does the FIPP Insight Forum and Awards benefit your wider organisation?

Every time I come back from the Forum and other events organised by FIPP, I collect my publishing department and my board members to give a report on what I have heard and what I find useful, on what can be incorporated into our daily business.

What is the top magazine media priority on your radar screen at the moment?

At the moment we are very much involved in broadening our reach in the multimedia world. Our paper business is still the most important part of our strategy, but we have a few new initiatives (for example Polityka Insight; documentaries on the most well known world scientists) to find new niches in cyber space.     

 Visit the FIPP Insight Forum and Awards website for more information or get in touch with Claire Jones and/or Helen Bland with your questions. 

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