“‘Glocalisation’ will play more important role in our media lives” says FIPP Rising Star Nikita Poljakov

What excites you about working in the magazine media industry right now?

It’s the rapid change that all the media outlets are part of. The old is leaving, the new is approaching. But which way is it heading? Nobody knows. Being part of such transition is enormously intriguing and valuable for me.   

What is your vision/view on the future of the industry?

I would say the digital will prevail over the print. However, the print will not die (as many ‘visionaries’ suggest). Print will stay here to generate ‘meaning’, which digital lacks as it escalates our fears and rage through headlines and pictures. Currently, we are entering the phase, in which is very difficult to distinguish between information, opinion and entertainment. Print has a clear divide of these ‘sub genres’.  

What exciting changes do you think we will see happen/should happen in the near future?

I think (and I hope to be honest) that the digital will largely become a paid content. I also think that social media and ‘glocalisation’ will play more important role in our media lives. And lastly, I think that readers will start to seek added-value information with more precision and they will be willing to pay for such information.

What you think of the Rising Star in Media initiative?

It is always good to think about the future generation of people, no matter the segment. After all, we will be those who will take-over when the older generations will retire. The future is in our hands!

What has it meant to make FIPP’s Rising Star in Media 2016 list?

I feel positively surprised and humbled at the same time. It is very fulfilling to know that your work is appreciated by the wider audience. It gives me more responsibility for future projects.

FIPP created the Rising Stars in Media Awards in partnership with UPM and will be running it again in autumn 2017 alongside the FIPP World Congress. If you would like to be kept informed about next year’s process, contact Christine Huntingford.

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