GQ tells readers to turn off ad blockers or pay up

When a user with ad blocking software clicks on a GQ article, a popup comes on the screen with an image of Amy Schumer as Princess Leia with the message: “Support GQ’s award winning journalism! Turn off your ad blocker or purchase instant access to this article, so we can continue to pay for photoshoots like this one.”

Below the message are two buttons, one that will show the article with advertisements and a second that will allow a reader to view the story for 50 cents.

The payment is processed by micropayment company CoinTent, which requires new users to sign up with a digital wallet. CoinTent collects payments for other media sites as well, including Conde Nast’s Epicurious, according to Digiday.

GQ isn’t the first media outlet to ask users to disable ad blocking software. Other sites like Forbes, The Washington Post, and Yahoo have also made efforts to discourage people from using the programs.

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Source: Fortune

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