Havas launches Meta Quality Barometer to tackle ad fraud

Dominique Delport, global managing director of Havas Media Group, said: “Confidence in data quality is a critical issue for our industry. The scale of fraudulent inventory generated by sophisticated ‘bots’ is extremely concerning and neither media vendors nor agencies are safe. We need to bring trust and clarity back for our clients.

“As a result, we are delighted to launch the first Meta Quality Barometer for our industry. Helping us to connect the dots of the most advanced tech providers, delivering a unique and systematic ‘meta’ barometer on data integrity, security and brand safety. This will facilitate and boost our communications with media owners to increase the quality of inventory for our clients.”

Artemis Alliance collects raw data from its tech partners, including Adledge, Catchpoint, ClarityAd, Hub’Scan, WhiteOps, Integral Ad Science and Peer39/Sizmek. That data is then used to analyse and score the quality of the media inventory by industry, by market and by media owner.

Rob Griffin, EVP, media futures and innovation at Havas Media Group, added: “This is a win-win deal. We can now pull in data from across all screens, technology companies and media partners to provide the first external, objective review of outcomes across the five critical areas of compliance, experience, impact, context and traffic.

Source: M&M Global

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