Hearst Magazines UK keeps the gloss on its top titles

A piece by Media Guardian on how the Good Housekeeping publisher is performing robustly after reorganisation under chief executive Arnaud de Puyfontaine.

It is said that when times are good, people love Good Housekeeping. But when times are hard, they absolutely depend on the monthly lifestyle magazine.

The theory appears to be true: It is the eighth best-selling magazine in the UK, proving that even in straitened times readers will pay £3.90 (€4.50) a month for a chance to see how the other half live.

Good Housekeeping is thought to be by far the biggest single earner for its publisher, Hearst Magazines UK, and is also one of the country’s most profitable titles.

And in a magazine market where most titles’ sales are sinking, Good Housekeeping held its head above water with 409,000 sales a month last year, more than half of whom are subscribers. “It’s really well edited; It’s really well targeted; it’s so solid and it stands for something”, says one rival magazine publisher.

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