Here are our top 12 stories of 2015

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12. Why are successful online businesses launching print titles? 

It’s been likened to getting water to flow upstream, or unscrambling an egg. But however back-to-front it sounds, in an era where print publications have flocked to the web to cut cost and find ways to cash in on online income, there are pure play website publications which have done the exact opposite by branching successfully into print.

11. Net-a-Porter exec on how fusion of content, ecommerce drives print success

One of the first online brands to launch a print magazine, Net-A-Porter’s Porter magazine has had an exceptional first year, outperforming all expectations. Amy Duffin spoke to Tess Macleod-Smith, vice president, publishing and media division, Net-A-Porter Group, about the brand’s foray into print

10. Hearst’s Duncan Edwards: Why it’s one of the most exciting times ever to be a content publisher

We spoke to Duncan Edwards, president and CEO of Hearst Magazines International, about growing a successful global digital business, implementing the firm’s ‘months to moments’ strategy and what reality TV shows can teach us about relevant content.

9. Condé Nast’s head of digital talks video, social media, and more 

Wil Harris has been Condé Nast UK’s head of digital for almost a year. Amy Duffin spoke to him about the company’s recent hires, video, social media and more.

8. Co-founder of The Pool, Sam Baker, on the importance of editorial innovation, native advertising and quality content 

“One of the most popular pieces of our functionality is arguably the most simple.” Sam Baker, co-founder of The Pool talks to Sadie Hale about the importance of editorial innovation, native advertising and quality content

7. The six rules of attraction for magazine media growth 

The page and the digital screen nourish each other. That’s at the heart of a fresh way of describing the relationships that consumers develop with their favourite magazine media brands today, writes Guy Consterdine, FIPP’s insight consultant

6. Is InDesign now becoming redundant for digital magazine publishers?

“I want it pixel perfect!” is no longer a relevant argument for digital magazines it seems. Publishers across London are beginning to swap Adobe’s InDesign tool in favour of alternative and more flexible digital design solutions. Some publishers are even reverting to PDF replicas in a cost-saving move, saving money on time, resource and quality assurance. 

5. Harvard Business Review exec on the anatomy of high-quality content

Few brands are more synonymous with high-quality, high-value content than Harvard Business Review. Katherine Bell, editor of, talks us through the principles that keep the brand true to its promise – sharing how the brand has adapted to the web and how a piece of HBR digital content is pulled together.

4. 10 questions for…Christopher Lukezic, publisher of Airbnb’s magazine, Pineapple 

The launch of apartment rental website Airbnb’s print magazine in November left many wondering why the already hugely successful international brand had decided to move beyond its online roots. Amy Duffin spoke to Christopher Lukezic, publisher of Pineapple, about the decision to branch out into print and what the future holds for the apartment rental company

3.Building a case for the data driven publisher

The old saying goes that a vision without a strategy is just a dream. That pretty well sums up the hype surrounding data driven marketing for years

2.What are the nine types of digital ad fraud?

John Wilpers, editor of the FIPP Innovation in Magazine Media annual reports, presents the nine types of digital ad fraud. John presented the ins and outs of digital advertising fraud in his article: “You’re infected, and probably don’t even know it”. These are his take on the types of ad fraud out there.

1.What makes you so special? 

If you want to help your college interns to launch meaningful careers, tell them to think like a corporate strategist.

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