How 10 brands are harnessing the power of muted video ads

Fast-forward to 2016 and the trend among either new or successfully modernised brands is moving quickly toward videos that fit how almost all consumers prefer to watch video now: on mute.

Here are 10 best-in-class examples from the past year from forward-thinking modernised brands, new brands and product launches, which created or adapted their videos for muted autoplay across platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Sharethrough.

Sharethrough muted video chart ()

Modernised brands

More and more, established brands are realising the need to modernise their ad strategies by moving away from disruption in favour of creating content, especially videos, that earn (rather than force) audience attention.


Reaching a Gen Z and Millennial Audience

Truth is constantly adapting their marketing strategies to the media behaviours and slang of 15-25 year olds. In a way, they’re the canary in the coal mine for advertisers trying to reach a young audience. Their recent ad strategy features made-for-muted autoplay videos with large, bold words, shareable stats (smokers earn 20 per cent less than non-smokers) and the internet fad that never dies…cats.

These video ads are effective at reaching the decreasing cohort of young people that can be interrupted with TV ads by earning their attention across social content feeds, Sharethrough’s collection of publisher feeds and on Snapchat when recut for vertical video.

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