How is programmatic trading affecting media owners?

Programmatic trading is going to become an increasing part of media owner’s strategies going forward. Here, leading service providers show how to exploit this evolving technology, .

At the January Future Media Lab in Brussels, technologist Paul Lee, partner, Keystone Strategy, Microsoft made a point of tipping media owners off about the service. Having outlined all the other big trends for the industry, he wasn’t going to leave the podium without mentioning something which has, up until now, been worrying new territory for most media owner. “Get ready for programmatic ads. The more skilled you are, the better your programmatic ads, because they are dependent on user interaction.”

Knowledge is power, and gearing up for this new technology with the right team is the first step. Although programmatic advertising, or Real-time bidding (RTB) as it is sometimes known, has had its distractors, there are clear advantages in terms of targeted ads and cheap, effective delivery. The following experts answer the big questions posed and give key advice on how to make the most of this emerging technology.

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