How premium sites outperform others on native

Amanda Wigginton, from Time Inc. (UK), presented the study for the AOP at the FIPP Insight Forum in Hoofddorp, Amsterdam today. The AOP represents premium websites in the UK.

Key results included that native advertising:

  • Widens the purchase funnel by 29 per cent
  • Increase clicks by 31 per cent
  • Harnesses the power of premium content websites to convey trust 

In respect of the four purchase funnel criteria, Wigginton showed a selection of audience responses to native advertising in respect of each.

Discovery: “I thought this was a really interesting way of presenting an advert through an article…it really gripped me…left me thinking I need to go and look at Lloyds…this is new for a bank…it’s a good thing…it’ll attract a more articulate customer and reader who is interested in this.”

Trust: “I don’t mind seeing this kind of advertising…it is very subtle…I trust the editor’s opinion” and “I’ve been reading the Mirror for years and years. So I’d trust them to know what they are talking about.”

Word of mouth: 33 per cent said native advertising make them more likely to talk to family or friends in person about the brand.

Purchase: “I’ve never really thought about buying clothes in Sainsbury’s. But after seeing this, I’d bet I’d be really pleasantly surprised about what they’ve got to offer.”

While the study showed that native advertising provide greater lifts than traditional advertising, Wigginton said the reality is the biggest uplifts are achieved when the two are used in combination, with a clear understanding of the role each one has to play. 

“Traditional advertising plus traditional campaign gives you a total uplift of 42 per cent. It’s important to understand the role each of them has to play, and how to get them to work in synergy together.” 

Read an earlier FIPP Q&A with Tim Cain, managing director of AOP, here.

Story by Cobus Heyl.

Download the full speaker presentation from the FIPP Insight Forum.

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The FIPP Insight Forum (formerly known as the Research Forum) is a two-day event for publishers, researchers and marketing executives in the magazine business. It’s taking place today and tomorrow in Amsterdam, at the offices of Sanoma.

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