Huffington Post and Abril partner to launch Brazilian edition

The Huffington Post Media Group and Abril Group have announced their partnership and plans for the creation of the Brazilian edition of The Huffington Post.

The announcement was made by Arianna Huffington, chair, president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group and Fabio Colletti Barbosa, CEO of Abril.

“I’m delighted to welcome Brazil to the HuffPost family,” said Huffington. “Brazil’s rapid growth, vitality and creativity have placed the country at the center of the global conversation. During my visits to Brazil and our partners’ visits here, I have come to know and deeply respect the Abril team. And I’m particularly excited about partnering with them to use all the resources and tools at our disposal to tell the stories that need to be told and give Brazil’s voices and perspectives an even greater platform for expression.”

“To Abril, it will be one more important step to contribute to the dissemination of information, culture and entertainment in our country. The Huffington Post’s vanguard on digital content along with Abril’s Brazilian market knowledge made this partnership possible”, said Barbosa.

“With Abril Group as our partner, The Huffington Post enters the market on extremely strong footing,” said Jimmy Maymann, CEO of The Huffington Post Media Group. “This edition will not only put HuffPost in its ninth country and fifth continent, but also will land us at the center of one of the highest-growth regions in the world. Brazil has more than 100 million internet users, the fifth largest audience in the world, and is growing fast – 7.6 per cent annually through 2016 according to e-marketer Research.”

The Brazilian edition of the HuffPost will join the other 40 editorial websites and almost 30 titles available for tablets Abril runs today. It also has six million applications downloads and nine tablets and smartphones apps ranked in top ten selections. “This partnership allows us to accelerate our entry into new digital business models to reach another segment of customers in Brazil as Huffington Post has done with other partners around the world,” said Barbosa.

More information about Huffington Post Brazil.

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