VIDEO: HuffPo on culture, politics, and revenue streams

On local market identity (0:02)

So we have a model in which we go into each market with a partner. This partner and we create a new Huff Post, let’s say a Huff Post France we have a partnership with Le Monde, and we create a site that’s very much intended for a local audience, with local content, and local staff. So this site also takes in the whole ecosystem of global content that we have. So everything from the US site and all the other editions, and finds things that are universally appealing for their audiences and translates them into French as well.

Politics (0:42)

We like to say we are beyond left and right. So we try to be as independent as possible. And also these dynamics of what is left and what is right change a lot by country, right? If you’re here in one country you may be somewhere else in another country, or somewhere else in another country. So for us most importantly is consistency in our Huff Post brand regardless of whether we’re in the US or we’re in Japan.

Traditional newspaper in a digital world? (1:08)

We like to be the best mix of what’s old and new. So in terms of what’s new we’re very digitally savvy, we’re very analytically driven, and we’re very good at content distribution. And so it allows us to package and have our content be disseminated across all sorts of different platforms. There are traditional elements to: we believe in a strong journalistic style, we believe in longform original reporting, so we hope this is going to be a happy marriage between the two. 

On revenue (1:39)

It’s predominantly going to be in native, and in video. We have a very strong native offering with HuffPost Partner Studio in all the countries that we go to. And we also have created – ranging in size – strong video business in all of the countries. Ultimately video and native will be the new drivers of our revenue.    

Watch Koda Wang’s presentation at last year’s FIPP World Congress in Toronto.

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