IDG global study highlights impact of mobile evolution

IDG Global Solutions’ annual Global Mobile Survey results show that the ‘mobile evolution’ is having a profound effect on consumers and businesses.
The study highlights both the “dramatic increase” in mobile video consumption and suggests that mobile is replacing “traditional media” i.e. using a tablet to read newspapers or replacing the desktop/laptop with a mobile device.
The survey, conducted across more than 23,500 executives and consumers across 43 countries, focuses on the four key areas of mobile executives, mobile business, mobile millennials vs. generation x and mobile lifestyle.
Key findings of this year’s Global Mobile Survey:
  • Dramatic increase in mobile video consumption: 75 per cent of consumers use a smartphone to watch online videos compared with 61 per cent in 2012.
  • Mobile replaces traditional media: 50 per cent of respondents use a tablet to read newspapers, and 40 per cent have replaced either the desktop or laptop with a tablet device.
  • Blurring boundaries between business and personal life: 80 per cent of all respondents research products or services for business on a tablet in the evening.
  • Lack of mobile-enabled websites and security concerns remain the biggest barriers to the growth of purchases on smartphone.
“The ‘mobile evolution’ is having a profound effect on consumers and businesses,” said Christina Carstensen from IDG Global Solutions. “It has kick-started the ‘always-on’ culture, presenting brands with unprecedented opportunities to develop closer relationships with their customers. We have moved beyond media convergence to a convergence of technology and humans, and brands more than ever need to show their human side to communicate in a relevant, engaging and intuitive way.”

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