“I’m a millennial yet I still value print, which is something often denied”

Tell us a little about your magazine media career so far, for those who don’t know your journey

I applied for the role as Sales Executive at Time Inc in 2013 just after I graduated. It was the last interview I had before the lease on my then flat was up so my last chance to stay in London post-graduation! Thankfully I got the role and was able to stay! I was put on the Shooting team looking after four magazines and two websites which was an incredible learning curve, mainly because it was a market I knew absolutely nothing about so had to start from scratch as well as learning all about advertising and the job itself. After an amazing two years I left Time Inc. (UK) to join EMAP as a Junior Account Manager for Drapers and Retailer Jeweller where I look after Awards Sales.

What do you think of FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media Award?

It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate what you have achieved and get recognition externally for ideas and progress. It’s a wonderful initiative to be a part of and I’m proud to have been a part of its first year.

How important is it to recognise and listen to the millennials voice in this industry?

It’s incredibly important as millennials can often be misunderstood or misrepresented so it’s important to listen to the voices to get a true picture of their views and the issues that matter to them. I’m a millennial yet I still value print which is something often denied so it’s important to be heard so that people realise that millennials have different voices.

So, you have now been through the inaugural Rising Stars in Media experience. What is your overall impression of the experience?

For me it was an incredibly positive one. It was a great opportunity to take stock of what I had achieved to date and be able to express that to the judges through the entry form. It was also great to work with people around me to get their feedback and strengthen my own self-confidence.

Has the fact that you were one of our 30 Rising Stars in 2015, made any impact on you or your role?

It’s a great confidence booster and for me, it was a fantastic way to end my career at Time Inc. (UK) It was great to be recognised for the work I had done and it’s a great accolade to have on my CV moving forward.

Have you had recognition from your company for this accolade?

I received wonderful emails from my Publisher, Publisher Director as well as other members of the management team congratulating me. My immediate team were the first to congratulate me and it was fantastic to get recognition from different people within the company.

What are your views, as a millennial, on the future of the industry?

I think the future is bright as we focus more on content and how we can deliver that to an engaged audience, whether that’s through print, digital, events or other mediums. I think publishers will look for new ways to deliver this content and keep their readers engaged. I think the next few years will be an interesting time for print, but I hope it can keep its place in the market whilst allowing other mediums to come on to the marketplace to allow new opportunities.

What would you say to any millennial peers who are considering entering the 2016 Rising Stars?

Just do it! I had to be talked in to it by my wonderful Head of Market, Rosemary Archer who had backed the project I submitted whole heartedly and believed in me even when I didn’t always believe in myself! It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your work and be recognised for it on such a wonderful platform.

Anything else you would like to add?

A big thanks to Rosemary Archer, Tim Hanson, Regina Tumbridge- Harringer, Romano Sidoli and Fiona Mercer for their invaluable support whilst I was at Time Inc. (UK)  and for their support on the project  that I worked on that formed the basis of this entry. A special mention also to Leila Kojouri for helping me with the entry and Wendy Addae for many a pep talk!

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FIPP’s Rising Stars in Media awards, in partnership with UPM, aims to recognise and connect with millennials in media companies across the globe, under the age of 30 who go above and beyond what is expected – regardless of the department they work in, or their position.



  • Driving new initiatives within your company, or for your brands?
  • Passionate about your work and pull out all the stops to get the job done?
  • A potential ‘one to watch’ for the future? 

Then acknowledge your achievements by sharing your success story with FIPP and let the global magazine media industry celebrate your excellence! FIPP will create a ‘Rising Stars in Media List’ and share your initiatives, success stories and profiles with the global magazine media community.

Read the full details of Rising Stars in Media 2016 and how to enter.

Do you have a rising star in your team? Then nominate them now! Entries close on the 29 February.  

Visit the website at www.fipp.com/risingstars, contact Christine Huntingford and Jenny Stubbs or call +44 20 7404 4169.

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