Award winning Immediate Media study demonstrates the value of ‘Generation Wealth’

The Generation Wealth study was the recipient of a Gold FIPP Insight Award – see more here.

In order to demonstrate the value of Generation Wealth, Immediate Media undertook research to prove that ABC1 45+ consumers have the have the “financial power to significantly influence the success of brands”.

The company partnered with Enders Analysis and YouGov to prove the importance of this audience, and how a great deal of current media planning, buying and creative fails to engage them. 

The methodology took the form of in-depth expert interviews, data review, segmentation and ethnographic interviewing and proved that the size of Generation Wealth in the UK is 9.1m in the UK and this is forecast to grow.


  • A lack of brand loyalty means brands need to be engaged in a constant conversation with Generation Wealth. 
  • Generation Wealth feel overlooked by most marketing, so there is huge opportunity for brands that choose to build their communications and creative on this insight
  • Generation Wealth is truly multi-media. They are early adopters of digital platforms but add it to their current usage of more ‘traditional’ media. Magazines play a very important role in reaching this audience, tapping into their hobbies and leisure time in a very powerful way. 
  • The research encourages advertisers and marketers to adopt a more age-neutral strategy for targeting, and demonstrates the key role magazine brands play in engaging this audience. 

Commercial success

New advertising campaigns won using Generation Wealth meaning the research has delivered an impressive ROI. 

Several agencies have used the research on client pitches, leading to them winning the client

Increased access to planning teams, client marketing teams and creative agencies to present the research and discuss marketing strategy

Story by Amy Duffin.

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