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At the  43rd FIPP World Media Congress, starting on Wednesday, monetisation strategies will feature in multiple speaker sessions. At a time of severe pressure worldwide on media and other businesses, attending these sessions could go a long way in safeguarding the future of your own. Come, follow the money with us.

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Congress, incorporating Digital Innovators’ Summit and World Media Marketplace, runs online from 2-30 September, bringing together speakers from around the world in more than eighty sessions. Sessions focused on monetisation include:

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  • Jan Moberg, CEO and Editor in Chief, and Svein-Erik Hole, Head of Digital, TU Media, Norway
  • Wencke Tzanakakis, Head, and Lennart Schneider, Project Manager, Friends of Die ZEIT, Germany
  • Matt Lindsay, President and CEO, Mather Economics, USA
  • Robbie Kellman Baxter, Strategy Consultant and Author, Peninsula Strategies, USA

Advertising as part of the wider revenue mix:

  • Srini Srinivasan, Managing Director, Vikatan Group, India
  • James Wildman, CEO, Hearst UK and President, Hearst Europe, UK

Branded content:

  • Will Roth, VP, Head of Content and Strategy, Meredith Foundry, USA


  • Torsten Bjerre Rasmussen, CEO, Egmont Publishing, Denmark
  • Jonas Sjöstedt, Founder and CTO, Tipser, Sweden

Events in a time of severe challenges for the events industry:

  • Amy Thompson, VP of the Fitness Group, Active Interest Media, USA
  • Adrian Newton, Events and Commercial Director, New Scientist, UK
  • Mike Hay, President, Ringier Trade Media, Hong Kong

New revenue streams:

  • Markus Grindel, Managing Director, Global Licensing, Condé Nast International, UK
  • Lee Fentress, VP, Business Development, LA Times, USA
  • Tav Klitgaard, CEO, and Lea Korsgaard, Editor in Chief, Zetland, Denmark
  • Michelle Myers, Chief Revenue Officer, Wright’s Media, USA

Also hear from several other CEOs and subject specialists how they see the future of media and the revenue models that will drive it forward.

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