In mobile payment adoptions, millennials lead

eMarketer: Millennials are notorious for the amount of media multitasking they do. Does this leave them too distracted to absorb a marketer’s message effectively?

Craig Wigginton: From my experience with millennials, they do have the ability to pull in lots of different media in lots of different ways. I think they’ve got a distinct ability to multitask in an effective way. They’ve always had high expectations on smartphone device usage. They continue to be a driving force in the full mobile market. And from everything we’ve seen, they really overindex in almost all categories of questions we’ve asked in the global mobile consumer surveys—so devices, apps, service, payments and IoT [the internet of things]. They’re always willing to try new things and experiment. They’re also willing to deal with a few hiccups along the way, which is always helpful, because every time you try something new there tends to be a couple of hiccups.


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