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Bauer Media's Grazia mag to publish covers challenging issues of diversity and inclusion in fashion

Bauer Media’s weekly fashion title, Grazia, is to publish two split covers to coincide with London Fashion Week. The Big Fashion Issue will see a 50/50 cover run for both newsstand and subscription channels.

One cover will feature six working fashion models spanning ages from 26-63. These women defy the notion that a model’s sell by date is in her early twenties.


Grazia Fashion Issue 2018 ()


Featured are freelance fashion editor, stylist and model Mouchette Bell, 63, Swedish model Anna Klevhag, 49, mature model Nicky Griffin, 58, French model Noémie Lenoir, perhaps most recognisable for her M&S campaigns, 39, British model Jade Parfitt, 40, and Berlin-based Cris W, 26.

A second cover features five disabled women, talking about their experiences within the fashion industry.

Featured are: Kelly Knox, 34, who was born with part of her left arm missing and is one of the first disabled models to participate in London Fashion Week last year, Monique Jarrett, 32, a champion wheelchair dancer who was born with brittle bone disease, Marlou Van Rhijn, 26, a professional Dutch sprinter who was born without lower legs and won gold in the 2012 Paralympic Games, Mary Russell, 49, a model and student fashion designer for people with dwarfism and Nancy Harris, 51, an NHS (UK's National Health Service) counsellor and model who had to have her leg amputated after a trampolining accident when she was 30.

Commenting on the issue, Grazia editor Hattie Brett said: “Grazia has a long standing history of celebrating diversity in fashion. We wanted to dedicate this Big Fashion Issue to 11 women changing the face of fashion with their messages about inclusivity and visibility. I’m particularly pleased to have been able to work with five disabled women who talk very powerfully about their frustrating experiences when shopping and feeling alienated by the fashion industry. This has to change - and is something we will be continuing to work with Scope on addressing in the future.”   

Danielle Wootton, head of marketing at disability equality charity Scope added: “We need more great features like this, as all too often disabled women are overlooked by the fashion industry. When disabled people don’t see themselves represented, then talent and potential goes unrecognised and negative attitudes and stigma go unchallenged. At Scope, we believe that anyone working to challenge negative attitudes and celebrate disability is a Disability Gamechanger. Change requires action at all levels in society and everyone can play their part - particularly the media. We now need to see more publications become Disability Gamechangers, challenge perceptions and attitudes, and feature the stories of real-life disabled people and use disabled models in their pages.“

In September 2017 the magazine featured the headscarf-wearing model Halima Aden on its cover, while another featured septuagenarian model and actress Lauren Hutton.

Grazia’s Big Fashion Issue is on sale on Tuesday 18 September, priced at GBP£3.50 (USD$4.60).

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