inPress Online tackles buzzwords in new weekly podcast

UK media company inPress Online has launched a new weekly podcast deciphering popular words and phrases. Colloquiapedia will see inPress founder and podcast host Jamie Gavin taking words from the contemporary zeitgeist and exploring them in layman’s terms alongside a guest.

In its first outing, Gavin is joined by Adam Shepherd – Editor of Campaign magazine’s sister podcast, PodPod and winner of the 2023 British Society of Magazine Editor’s (BSME) Award for Best Launch – as the two kick off proceedings by looking at the word ‘podcast’ itself. 

Colloquiapedia will be delivered via short sharp weekly episodes between 30-60 minutes in length. Episode 2 looks at the phrase ‘DEI’ with Assistant Managing Editor at Forbes, Ali Jackson-Jolley, who focuses on diversity, equity and inclusion for the organisation. 

“This is a consumer-side show and should have broad appeal,” said Gavin. “There are so many words and phrases in today’s society that we are constantly being bombarded by and may have a vague understanding of at the back of our minds. But when you think about it, how much of this stuff do you actually fully empathise and engage with on an individual level, and how many of these terms could you succinctly explain to someone at the bus stop, or up in the club with a bottle full of bub?” 

“I also think that particularly from a media industry point of view, it can’t hurt to demystify some of this language. Trust in media is low, fake news and use of ‘alternative facts’ is up, and that makes it very difficult to find tangible information or meaningful conversation, particularly online.

“So, if we can break down that fourth wall and bridge the gap back a little bit between the industry and wider audiences, then we at least know that we’re doing our part from a journalistic point of view, to promote the tenets of objective truth, accurate information, and universal understanding.”  

Episode 1 of Colloquiapedia is available now on Apple, Spotify and Amazon, as well as the inPress site. Anyone who has a specific word or phrase they would like to be discussed can get in contact inPress directly. 


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