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Chart of the week: Digital media outlook 2016

With 2016 moving closer, this week’s chart by Statista, the statistics portal, draws our attention to the expectations that media companies worldwide have of the year to come.

In a survey by analytics platform, hundreds of digital publishers were asked about the biggest challenge for the digital media industry in 2016. The vast majority of 60% named monetisation as their biggest challenge, while content distribution and mobile optimisation were named by 20 and 14% respectively.

For the publishers, the four ways mobile monetisation, native advertising and traditional advertising alone seem to play almost the same role in the year to come, with a combination of the different streams being the most important strategy.

Statista digital outlook 2016 ( / Statista / FIPP)

Surprisingly, the numbers for 2015 on this topic are quite different: as reported in the Parsely-blog, at the moment traditional advertising is the most important: 46% of revenue stems from this source alone.

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