Internet use among Americans aged 70+ has increased by 61% in less than two years

While the pandemic changed the online activity of all consumers, the 70+ demographic experienced perhaps the most dramatic shift in their digital habits, according to new research from MRI Simmons and AARP Media Solutions.

Internet use among consumers aged 70 and over has exploded, increasing by 61 per cent in less than two years, according to MRI Simmons. And according to AARP Media Solutions, these adults account for one in every four visitors to

A lifelong love of media is driving 70+ online

This generation in some ways represents the original media consumers. From radio to tablets, they’ve always embraced new media, and now 70+ adults are taking their purchasing power online. Indeed, online shopping is up 116 per cent from pre-pandemic levels.

Other facts about the digital habits of the 70+ gathered by MRI Simmons include:

  • Instant messaging is up 110 per cent.
  • Online bill paying is up 100 per cent.
  • Researching potential purchases online is up 100 per cent.
  • Searching for recipes is up 96 per cent.
  • Tracking investments is up 82 per cent.
  • Watching movies online is up 78 per cent.

It’s clear that adults aged 70 and over are rapidly embracing digital media and services. With this demographic forecast to be the fastest growing consumer segment over the next decade (reaching 55m+ by 2031, according to US Census Bureau data), this dramatic shift has big implications for the media industry and for marketers.


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