IPC CEO announces company restructure

Marcus Rich, CEO of UK-based IPC Media has announced a company restructure that removes the business divisions of Connect, Inspire and Southbank, uniting the business as ‘one IPC’.
Said Rich: “IPC has powerful, market-leading brands with unparalleled reach and engagement and the most talented, best-in-class people in the industry. These are assets that I am excited by because they provide us with the strongest possible foundation for growth, which is our focus.
“Our brands already satisfy and engage our consumers’ passions, whether it’s for horses, interiors, television, cycling, wine, bingo or the many other markets that sit at the heart of IPC. And now we are going to drive new revenue streams, leveraging our portfolio in innovative ways, resourcing with the right skills, making smart investments and creating original and successful opportunities for our advertising partners.
“One IPC describes an approach to how we manage our brands and our business. One IPC means that where we create successful revenue enhancing strategies for one brand, or in one market, we immediately look to scale that thinking and develop it across other brands and markets. It means that where we see well-proven efficiencies in one part of the business, we instigate that learning across other parts of the portfolio. And clients and agency partners will have a single point of access for IPC’s valuable audiences and brands.”

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