Launching #Brandedcontentday: a celebration of branded content


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The growth of the branded content industry is evident. According to the content marketing industry will be a US$300billion industry by 2019. #Brandedcontentday is all about recognising such remarkable growth and also celebrating the impact that branded content has had on popular culture. 

This is an important landmark for the branded content industry. It demonstrates how there has been a significant shift for branded content into popular culture.” Andrew Canter, Global CEO, BCMA 

A compelling industry resource, #BrandedContentDay is an informative and fun online industry portal of branded content best practice, wows and wonders. It’s a curation of branded content’s best bits, with informative articles, topical polls, industry stats and an array of entertaining video charts.

There will also be a competition to win GBP£5,000 worth of branded video content production.

Standing proudly amongst the fun entertaining video charts that have been complied are the TOP 10 Christmas Crackers. Leading champion’s John Lewis have claimed all top three places, with these videos generating a jaw-dropping 54 million views (and counting).

John Lewis’s £7m 2017 Christmas campaign, filmed by an Oscar-winning director Michel Gondry has received over 8million YouTube views.

As coined by Google’s David Black, Christmas is the Super Bowl-equivalent for British ads. The staggering impact that branded content has on audiences during this season clearly bellows the power that branded content has across all media channels. In a survey carried out by the Recommended Agencies Register (RAR), UK agencies name ‘branded content’ the number one marketing technique for retailers this Christmas.

This year branded content has continued to pull our heart strings. Emotions are running high and according to YouTube viewing figures, users are wallowing in the beauty of big brand emotional story telling. Click here to see the Top Ten Tear Jerker charts complied by #BrandedContentDay

Axa’s £5m campaign tells the powerful story of a dancer born with a bone disorder and introduces the brand’s new strapline, “restless for a reason”.

Read more here.

With the future trend in content marketing being about quality, not quantity #Brandedcontentday is a great place to find the quality. As Nemorin founder Pete Fergusson puts it,

“Branded Content Day is a way for us to celebrate and facilitate the industry by scooping together all the best bits and hosting it all in one place. We encourage everyone to come and join the buzz.”


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