Mag+ partners with Appboy to deliver mobile relationship management

Mag+ and Appboy have announced they are joining forces to help digital publishers convert their readers into users. Customers of Mag+’s digital publishing platform can now access Appboy’s mobile relationship management (MRM) platform to build their businesses.
The partnership enables Mag+ clients to create rich user profiles of their readers, segment them into different cohorts and then send automated, multi-channel messages that increase reader engagement and facilitate purchases. For example, publishers can send non-subscribing readers who have opened their app at least once in the last week a targeted offer for an annual subscription.
Mike Haney, co-founder and chief creative officer of Mag+ said: “Monetisation and engagement are the biggest challenges of digital publishing today. Appboy helps companies by offering deep insights about their readers and targeted communications to segments of those readers. By bringing sophisticated marketing tools to mobile, the platform empowers digital publishers to derive more value from their apps.”

Mag+ is running a webinar on Friday 23 August with more information about the partnership

Find out more about Mag+ and Appboy’s relationship here

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