Mag+ releases new platform version

Mag+ has released version 5.0 of its platform for creating mobile applications for touchscreen devices.

Mag+ says the upgrade focuses on helping clients to better engage their users, bolster conversions and increase sales. Mag+ 5.0 boasts a richer in-app storefront and real-time news feed, new marketing tools and more; Mag+ continues its drive to make content owners of all kinds successful in the app ecosystem.

Mike Haney, co-founder and chief creative officer of Mag+, said: “With these new features, our customers’ apps are no longer simple tools for distributing issues and documents but rather comprehensive communication hubs, that can reach users through a variety of channels. Whether you’re publishing magazines, sales enablement tools or employee communications, our aim is to give you more ways to engage your users and increase your downloads or sales.”

More about Mag+’s 5.0 upgrade:


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