Magazine media mobile audience hits nearly 14m users

This brings the total mobile magazine media audience to 13.725m monthly users across the magazine media brands measured by NRS PADD.

What makes this statistic even more impressive is that for these brands, their total reach on mobile is now only 50,000 shy of matching their print audience figures which stands at 13.782m monthly users.

For the brands in question, digital across all platforms is also adding an 80 per cent incremental increase and in total these brands on their own now deliver a monthly audience of nearly 25m adults – great news for advertisers seeking to tap into highly engaged magazine media audiences across multiple touchpoints.

Millennial Reach

The latest results also highlight magazine media’s increasing reach and influence with the highly desirable Millennials target audience of whom 80 per cent are engaging with magazine media on a monthly basis. Amongst this group mobile is emerging as their preferred contact point.

Millennials currently account for 1 in 4 adults in the UK, yet now make up 43 per cent of mobile magazine users.

Of course this picture varies from title to title, but Millennials over index against all mobile magazine media sites measured, and account for nearly 50 per cent of the total mobile audience for brands including Cosmopolitan, Empire, Heat, Men’s Health, Time Out and Top Gear.

Channel Strategies

Millennials’ interest in engaging with magazine media also extends beyond mobile. The data for the same basket of titles reveals that they are 29 per cent more likely to be engaging with desktop/pc websites are 28 per cent more likely to be monthly users of these titles in print than the average adult.

What these latest figures make clear is that although the desire for professionally edited, original content is being increasingly satisfied by mobile, this is not to the detriment of Millennials’ demand for magazine brands in print or via desktop.

The growth in demand for magazine content overall reflects the success of publishers’ channel strategies and is great news for brands looking to integrate commercial messages in the most creatively diverse and welcoming advertising environment in UK media.

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