MagazineCloner ranked 10th highest-earning global app publisher

According to the latest App Annie Index, in December 2013, MagazineCloner was the 10th highest earning non-gaming app publisher in the world on both iOS and Google Play.

This follows the App Annie 2013 Retrospective, which placed Magazine Cloner seventh in the highest-earning app publisher stakes in the UK in 2013. Apple, BSkyB and Microsoft also featured in the top 10.
Commenting on the news, Ian Remmer, sales director at MagazineCloner said: “Magazine Cloner has grown significantly in the last two years and these reports underline both the impressive growth of our platform and user-base, as well as the quality of our publishers’ products. To maintain this strong position, it is vital that we continue to enhance our offering and 2014 will be no different to previous years in this regard, with numerous improvements on the way for both our apps, Pocketmags and the publishing portal.”
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