Magazines Canada launches national campaign to promote magazines

To draw attention to its homegrown stories—and to inspire and advance the relationship between consumers and Canadian titles—the Canadian Magazine Mashup campaign launches in stores on 1 July, alongside an eye-catching video series and a curated blog of #MagazineMoment must-reads from Canadian magazines.

The campaign highlights the possibilities of imagination and engagement when you open a Canadian magazine—of which there are hundreds. “We’ve broken down all borders for the Canadian Magazine Mashup campaign, which shows just how limitless the content in genuine Canadian magazines can be,” says Barbara Bates, executive director of circulation marketing for Magazines Canada.

“Canadian Magazine Mashups showcase how the experience of our stories captivate and arrest us—take us to another place, and then bring us right back home,” says Annie Gabrielian of St. Joseph Media. In the words of a Canadian reader, Canadian magazines “let me get lost for a while, become inspired and gain a wealth of knowledge.”

“This campaign plays to the diversity of interests held by today’s consumers. We wanted to create something that shows how much there is to discover at a Canadian magazine stand—there really is something there for everyone,” says Matthew Holmes, Magazines Canada CEO.

Magazines Canada is a member of FIPP.

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