Making mobile inventory available programmatically

However, without supply there is no media to trade. So it is therefore vital that we as an industry make time for the very publishers and developers that are making inventory available programmatically and ensure that we are enabling them with the same tools and insights as we are buyers.

For sellers, mobile programmatic sell-side tools such as a supply-side platform (SSP) or ad exchange can expose their inventory to incremental demand sources their direct sales team may not have a relationship with.

It enables them to harness and package their first-party data and share it with buyers they know will pay a premium to reach these audiences at an individual impression level.

So just how much mobile inventory is currently available programmatically? According to our 2015 State of the Apps Report, which surveys global app developers, 69 per cent of developers and publishers now make their inventory available programmatically, with the majority seeing an increase in revenue as a result.

Encouragingly, almost a quarter (23 per cent) of developers have already made more than half of their inventory available programmatically.

Source: The Drum

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