FIPP’s first Media Intel Report out now

Edited by FIPP, the 100-page bookazine titled ‘Media Intel Report 2019’ collects FIPP’s insight and knowledge output from the past year. In his introduction to the bookazine, FIPP President and CEO James Hewes says FIPP, as a membership organisation with a trusted position at the heart of the industry, is uniquely placed to gather and share the industry’s learnings from the past year. 

Hewes continues to say that what is particularly interesting about recent changes in the media industry, is the demise of the old model of media businesses funded primarily by advertising revenue. He says the development of distribution channels that are effectively free to both user and distributor alike, “makes everyone a media company, from the gamer in his bedroom streaming on Twitch to a hotels business using content to sell more rooms”.


FIPP Media Intel Report ()


It is within this scenario that traditional media businesses were forced to adopt a dramatic rebalancing of their sources of revenue. A large part of the bookazine across chapters clarifies how to deal with these challenges and offers advice on how to ensure media companies are well placed to take advantage of growth opportunities – while spreading their risk.

In addition to this particular focus, the bookazine also covers a much wider variety of subjects. These include:

– A selection of FIPP’s recent “how-to” reports – including digital subscriptions and events;

– FIPP’s highly popular quarterly ‘Digital Subscription Snapshot’;

– A comprehensive report on this year’s Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin; and

– A series of highly informative white papers – from innovation in publishing to sustainability in publishing – produced by FIPP in collaboration with strategic industry partners UPM Information Papers. 

The printed edition of the Media Intel Report will be available for purchase at this week’s FIPP World Congress in Las Vegas. Digital and print editions will be available for purchase from next week on

The FIPP Media Intel Report 2019 has been edited from the original source reports to create a unified and finite read but each report contains a Quick Response (QR) code linked to the unedited reports, many of which are being updated online. The digital edition also carries quick links to original insight reports.


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