New media self-regulation forum launched in Hungary

Korrektor has been established on the initiative of the Editors’ Forum Hungary with broad cooperation from professional organisations including: the Hungarian Publishers’ Association (Magyar Lapkiadók Egyesülete – MLE) and the Association of Hungarian Content Providers (Magyarországi Tartalomszolgáltatók Egyesülete – MTE). 

After the adoption of the Code of Ethics in 2012, the establishment of Korrektor is the next major step towards ensuring responsible, transparent and accountable journalism. Any member of the public can report a suspected or alleged violation of the code of ethics on Korrektor’s website.  This solution is not only quicker and cheaper than the legal procedure but grievances of a non-legal nature can also be addressed via this channel. An ad hoc arbitration committee of three members is set up to decide upon the reported violations and the affiliated editorial teams have agreed to be bound by the decisions. 

The project has been implemented with the support of EEA/Norway Grants NGO Fund.

Further information from the Hungarian Publishers’ Association

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