Media’s Future in a Post-Covid World: Read the brand new report from FIPP and UPM

FIPP is today delighted to mark the launch of its brand new, in-depth report, Media’s Future in a Post-Covid World, produced in partnership with UPM Communication Papers.

Written by John Wilpers, Senior Director at Innovation Media Consulting and long-time speaker and partner at FIPP events, the report ranges widely across five areas critical for media businesses of all shapes and sizes:

  1. The future of work
  2. Revenue models
  3. Sustainability
  4. Storytelling
  5. Print’s prospects

With each one explored in a standalone chapter, the 70+ page report applies a post-lockdown lens to the many thorny issues and exciting opportunities media organisations are facing. While getting up close to success stories and offering practical tips and takeaways, the report also takes stock of big-picture trends in subscriptions, consumer behaviour and environmental issues.

One trend evident throughout the industry and in the report, is the fact that taking sustainability seriously is now a non-negotiable in the minds of consumers – something UPM understands well, with its twin focus on sustainable production and sustainable products.

“Overall, our mission is to move beyond fossils: we strive to replace fossil resources with renewable ones,” says Stefanie Eichiner, Ph.D., Senior Manager Sustainability at UPM. “On the production side, we work on continuous Improvement through Environmental Management. It’s more of an efficiency innovation initiative.”

Another of the report’s most important takeaways is the increase in public trust towards traditional media since the onset of Covid-19 – with implications for print magazines especially.

“What we see is that print is a very important medium still,” says James Hewes, FIPP President and CEO. “But it is undergoing a big repositioning based on two things: one is print becoming a ‘luxury’ product, and the other is increased public trust.”

Learn much more about these topics by downloading your free copy of the Media’s Future report here.


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