Mobile continues to expand digital audiences

MediaPost reports that back in March, comScore published combined mobile and desktop and mobile-only traffic for the top websites with the launch of its Media Metrix Multi-Platform service. By adding unduplicated mobile visitors, the data showed that the total digital audience across the largest 100 U.S. sites increased 38 per cent on average from standard PC-based traffic totals.

An update on those figures as of June shows that the total audience for the top 100 sites has grown by 49 per cent when counting monthly unique visitors from (iOS and Android) smartphones and tablets.

Incremental traffic from mobile for most of the top 50 Web properties has continued to ramp up since February, underscoring the shift in usage from PCs to handheld devices.

At the extreme end of that trend is Pandora, which now has twice as many mobile-only users (42.8 million) as desktop users (21.5 million). Its 200 per cent incremental gain from the mobile side is up from 183 per cent four months prior, giving it a total digital audience of 64.4 million. That translates to a No. 20 ranking in the Multi-Platform rankings, while the online radio service doesn’t even make the top 50 in comScore’s traditional monthly rankings.

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