Mobile fuels millennials’ media consumption

The data* reveals that millennials are now more likely to engage with magazine media on a monthly basis than the average Briton.

The survey showed that 79 per cent of millennials are monthly readers of magazine media in comparison to 75 per cent of the adult population. This figure is even higher amongst female millennials with nine and 10 being monthly readers.

As expected mobile is a particularly strong driver amongst this social demographic group. The 13 magazine brands that are currently included for mobile measurement in NRS PADD, are now reaching 45 per cent of (or 6.4 million) millennials, rising to 60 per cent amongst females.

The data also confirms that magazine media has the capability of providing advertisers with multiple media touchpoints as millennials remain avid readers of magazine media in print.

On average 36 per cent of millennials are reading printed magazines on a weekly basis with this figure again showing a higher engagement level in comparison to the all adult average of 34 per cent.

Despite a multitude of free content sources available to them, millennials also remain quite happy to pay for quality content, with more than a third having purchased printed magazines in the past year.

The data suggest that this behaviour is even stronger amongst younger millennials (18 – 24) who were eight per cent more likely than their older counterparts (25-34) to have bought a magazine during this period.

More generally, the 13 mobile sites reported on by NRS PADD have shown an 88 per cent uplift in overall consumption, from 7,883 million in the previous reporting period, to 14,809 million in the current period.

This 6,926 million net increase in mobile users is driving the topline growth.

Sue Todd, CEO of Magnetic, said: “The latest NRS PADD results reflect the growing reach and influence of magazine media across platforms and amongst audiences young and old.

“Magnetic’s own research ‘The Rules of Attraction’ predicts that demand for compelling magazine content, particularly through mobile, is set to grow again in the next 12 months, which is all great news for advertisers looking to reach highly engaged and immersed audiences.”

*NRS April 2014 – March 2015 + comScore Mar 2015

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