Native Advertising Trends 2018 shows growing importance of native advertising

Native Advertising Trends 2018 (Native Advertising Institute/FIPP)

This report will give you first-hand insights on the latest trends in native advertising and what you should be doing to stay ahead of the curve. 

Download now: Native Advertising Trends 2018 – the Magazine Industry

On average, native made up 31% of overall advertising revenue for magazine publishers in 2017 — up from 21% in 2016.

This has in turn lead to increased expectations among publishers for the 2018 results. 69% of magazine publishers expect that native will have driven more of their annual advertising revenue this year than last year, and they expect native to drive 46% of their total annual advertising revenue in three years. This is up from the 2017 three-year projection of 40%.

The research provides you with answers to: 

  • How magazine publishers view native advertising in general
  • Budget expectations for native advertising in the magazine industry
  • How publishers are organising around their native advertising efforts
  • How the magazine publishers measure native advertising effectiveness
  • Threats and opportunities according to magazine publishers

The findings in this report are based on answers from 150 magazine executives from 41 countries across the globe.

Download the Native Advertising Trends 2018 Report (free)

For further information contact the Native Advertising Institute.


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