NEW Proof of Performance (POP) to launch autumn 2014

POP: Making the case for magazine media part two ill be published in September 2014. 
A great deal of new research has been released since publication in July 2012 of the first edition of FIPP’s book Proof of Performance: Making the case for magazine media. Consequently POP 2 is planned for autumn 2014. It will be written by the author of the first edition, Guy Consterdine, FIPP’s research consultant.
Guy has access to many research studies published since the launch of POP, but would like to receive details of the many other studies which must exist around the world which have not come to his notice. If you have any recent research (i.e. dating from the last two or three years) which you think might be relevant, please email Guy. The areas of interest include:
• Consumers’ use of print
•Impact of advertisements in print
•Innovative formats for print advertisements
•Consumers’ use of digital platforms
•Impact of advertising in digital platforms
•Comparisons between magazine media and other media
•Advertising effectiveness of magazine media – either on own or with other media
•Lessons from econometric modelling of media effectiveness
POP has been widely circulated within the magazine industry, principally in digital form, and printed copies are also available. It has attracted considerable praise in being a much-needed compilation of up-to-date research-based evidence from around the world, about how consumers use magazine media, and its effectiveness for advertisers.
Download a free copy of POP here. Printed copies may be ordered. The site also offers a number of free POP-related resources including presentation slides, infographics, an iPad app, and a webinar recording.

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