Newsmodo advances offering to publishers

Newsmodo, the facilitator of buying and selling newsworthy content between media freelancers and newsrooms, has made some amendments to its offering.  

The company now has a direct role in the facilitation of sales between freelancers and media organisations. The site enables freelancers to pitch their stories, videos and images in a more a targeted manner. For example, briefs are distributed directly to vetted freelancers through Newsmodo, who are then given the opportunity to respond with pitches.

Previously, Newsmodo relied on freelancers uploading relevant content, which organisations would be able to purchase exclusively through the site.

Rakhal Ebeli, founder of Newsmodo (pictured), said: “Initially, the site was relying on the content created by freelancers to catch the eye of publishers or newsrooms. We quickly learned that time challenged media did want access to our thousands of freelancers internationally, however wanted to ensure their stories were 100 per cent customised.”

The site has commissioned and sold content across Australia, US, UK, The Middle East, and Asia.

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