Nine tactics to consider when planning a mobile strategy

Mobile and tablet ownership, app access and advertising are surging in double and triple digits around the world. This unrivalled media growth represents an unprecedented opportunity for media companies to develop content and advertising strategies for mobile devices.

Here are some general tactics to consider when planning a mobile strategy:

1. Start with a customer- centric plan, with the goal to serve customers during the times they use their mobile phones the most – during commutes, lunch breaks, evening times, waiting times

2. Use customer analytics to refine the design of services during target mobile usage periods

3. Evaluate mobile relationship and integration with other channels

4. Expand the role mobile plays throughout the organisation

5. Leadership is key to moving the strategy forward

6. Empower mobile teams to make faster and better decisions

7. Hire talent or complementary companies to achieve goals

8. Leverage mobile’s marketing strengths of intimacy, immediacy and context

9. Look to mobile leaders, such as countries like Japan, and companies like Facebook, for inspiration

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