Outbrain data shows iOS dominance in the UK, US and Australia

A new study from Outbrain shows that the UK, USA and Australia are the only countries where iOS is the dominant operating system. All other countries in the study consume more content on Android devices.

View the Outbrain mobile media consumption infographic.

Outbrain’s data draws on a network of more than 100,000 publishing sites from around the world, and looks at an average week to show how global users across ten countries are consuming content on their mobile devices.

The data is based on the total number of page views across the Outbrain network on mobile devices across and average week 19/1/14 – 25/1/14. The analysis compares 10 countries: Australia, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Singapore, Spain, the UK and US.

The study found that smartphones are the dominant device globally, but in Australia, tablets accounts for half of all mobile reading. In India smartphones dominate (89 per cent of all mobile content consumption), while for all European countries in the study, tablets account for between 32 per cent – 41 per cent of mobile consumption. Mobile consumption peaks at midday in the three English-speaking counties, 4pm in Italy and the Philippines, and 10pm in Singapore and Spain.

Simon Edelstyn, MD of Outbrain Europe said: “No matter which country they live in, people want to consume their content on the go, wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Mobile device penetration, whether phone or tablet, continues to increase in dominance and is reflected in the growing level of content created for and discovered through mobile devices. While there are definitely some worldwide similarities in mobile consumption there are also some interesting differences such as the prevalence of iOS in English speaking countries, and Android elsewhere.”

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