Personalisation: Bauer Media New Zealand and Unitec take support for student’s success to the next level

Bauer Media New Zealand and the Unitec Institute of Technology – the largest institute of technology in Auckland, New Zealand – have teamed up to produce U Mag, an individually personalised magazine, in order to promote applications to the university. 

The project invites users to feature as the cover star on their very own personalised printed magazine. To create U Mag, users are asked about their goals, interests and any potential study pursuits. This information, along with the image they upload, is then used to create a bespoke magazine tailored specifically to the individual. The magazine contains articles related to specific goals the reader wants to achieve over the next five years, such as buying a house, living a healthy balanced lifestyle, or landing their dream job.

The individual
elements have all been done before: personalised magazines, user generated
content, and co-operative links between publishers and advertisers. But the complete package of creating personalised magazines
for specific individuals, with an individual’s own photo on the cover, some
further user-generated content, and featuring the individual’s choice of other
content from a menu of pillars, and all this on behalf of a specific advertiser, is a very first in New Zealand, and very probably worldwide.

See the magazine here.


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