Peter Kreisky examines new business models at FIPP Ibero-American conference

Peter Kreisky, chairman, Kreisky Media Consultancy, USA opened the 4th FIPP Ibero-American Magazine Media Conference today (30 October) in San José, Costa Rica.

Addressing 200 attendees, Kreisky explained how the global recession affected US publishers between 2007-10 and how these publishers began their recovery.

“In this world of disruption and turbulence” said Kreisky “what remains constant, is trust in magazine brands, curated value content and engaged communities.” He said that publishers should focus on these three constants when creating new business models for today’s world.

Kreisky went on to give tips on how to create new business models: “You need to own an engaged community that is almost indivisible from your brand, and you should tailor your story to each platform in a very different way and have a different business model for each.” Kreisky explained that platform content strategies have changed so dramatically recently, and publishers should be prepared to differentiate the content that is delivered as well as the user experience, depending on the platform.

In order to be successful in the digital world, said Kriesky, you should harness digital gatekeepers such as Apple and Facebook. “Apple still dominates, but with new competition. Android is doing very well among magazine readers, so watch out for that.”

Talking about smartphones specifically, Kreisky said they are expected to become the “primary consumer device.” “The only problem with smartphones at the moment”, he said, “is that there is an underdeveloped ad model.”

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