Politico launches DataPoint, a new data based platform

DataPoint is a library of data presentations that are customisable and downloadable user presentations. A team of Politico journalists and data analysts conduct research and distill complex analysis into neat slides for professional use. DataPoint alleviates the need for building text-heavy explainers, saving time and resources.

“Beginning with DataPoint, we’re investing heavily into data journalism and tools for professionals,” said Johannes Boege, chief product officer at Politico Europe. “Politico Pro subscribers will now have our invaluable journalism and intelligence, and user-friendly data tools at their disposal. Our goal is to empower professionals with informed decision-making.”

Subscribers will have access to the full library spanning all policy areas that we cover: technology, agriculture and food, energy and climate, financial services, health care, transportation, trade, Brexit, sustainability, data & digitization, budget, and competition. DataPoints are available in PPT, PDF, and JPG formats.

To learn more about DataPoint, you can request a free trial on Politico’s website.

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