The PPA festival – what you missed in London

FIPP was lucky enough to attend some of the conference sessions – here is a short synopsis of what we captured:

How to serve a YouTube audience – lessons from the Jamie Oliver brand

Jamie Oliver’s creative director, Zoe Collins, said: “The YouTube audience is impatient,” said Collins. “There are lots of other things your audience can go to at any moment, so you need to make sure every second is serving them.” Read the story here

Change and culture: how focusing on people pays off

Tom Bureau, Immediate Media’s CEO said: “People really are at the heart of it. They are the ones that help you build momentum to achieve success … (and) “I am pleased to say that we are showing top and bottom line growth.” Read the story here.

The value of developing deep audience relationships

The value of developing deep audience relationship was demonstrated by Dennis Publishing’s The Week and News UK’s The Times and The Sunday Times in a conversation on developing membership models. Read the story here.

A vision of the future: Are you ready for the brave new beta world?

Magazine media have to live in a “beta world” where the brand is in a constant state of change, and decisions taken from today through to 2020 will have a bigger impact on the industry than ever before.  Read the story here

Transforming a 90 year-old print brand the Good Housekeeping way

Good Housekeeping’s Lindsay Nicholson, editorial director and Judith Secombe, group publishing director detailed the brand’s switch to “360 working” and explained how that has affected the business. Read the story here.

What brands should know about teens

Brands (including magazine media) that want to truly engage Gen Z (today’s teenagers) need to be “genuine, nice and funny” and “authentic” and “one of them (a peer rather than for example an ‘older sibling’),” according to Youtuber Dodie Clark and author of Generation Z, Their Voices, Their Lives Chloe Combi. Read the story here

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