PressReader opens up access in Ukraine

Digital newsstand PressReader has universally opened up its newspaper and magazine content inside Ukraine, to help ensure that all those living in the country have free access to timely and accurate information. Resources available include respected global and national news and current affairs publications, including the likes of The Guardian, El Pais, Newsweek, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and others. 

In a statement posted via the company’s Twitter account, PressReader said: 

“As we continue to monitor the evolving situation in Ukraine, we’d like to express our support for all those affected including colleagues and their families and friends. In order to assist those in Ukraine with accessing up-to-date information, we are opening all PressReader content in the country without charge to individuals. PressReader will absorb the cost paid to publishers until further notice.”

Tackling fake news

The move is designed to help those living in the country access free and accurate information, as well as assisting in the fight against fake and inaccurate reporting, which can often begin to circulate – particularly on social media – during such times of crisis. 

Within the last few hours and days days, Netblocks has begun reporting internet outages in Kyiv and wider parts of Ukraine, and this morning said that Twitter has been restricted on multiple providers in Russia, as the world’s media shows images of thousands flocking to the streets of Russian cities to protest Putin’s actions against Ukraine from within. 

The Fix Media also issued a statement on Twitter last night, announcing the launch of a global fundraising campaign to help Ukranian media keep going during the attack, and explaining how this support can directly help those working on the ground. You can find out more about that one here


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