Print media brands reaches 97 per cent of readers in France

The report by AudiPresse and One Global shows that 6.1 people in France now read 6.1 titles per month. With a reach of almost 50 million per month print media in France reaches 97 per cent of the total population. It also shows that owners of a PC, tablet and smartphone are heavy users: reading 6.4 titles per month. 
Two thirds of the French population reads either a newspaper or a magazine every day.
The AudiPresse and One Global study also showed that media brands are mostly read on paper (61 per cent) and 39 per cent online, of which 22 per cent via a smartphone or tablet. These percentages differ by type of newspaper or magazine. Regional weeklies score highest among on-paper readership with 85 per cent, whereas news magazines score 43 per cent on-paper readership.
For the full presentation, press release and methodology (in French) visit the AudiPresse One results website.

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