Programmatic is transfiguring the advertising landscape

Alanna Gombert, CEO of Gombert Consulting, gave a simple definition of the term, explaining that programmatic is an automated way to book advertising inventory. In other words, programmatic advertising works when publishers put inventory up for sale so buyers may bid on it, usually in real time. Gombert noted that there are currently three major marketplaces for publisher inventory in the US: Google Ad Exchange, Rubicon and PubMatic. In Europe, there are Adform and Omnicom.

Tips for sales teams

Sales teams need to understand the auction mechanics behind programmatic advertising and it is imperative that they understand what is going into the market, Gombert said.

Another aspect to understanding programmatic advertising is training, as Robert Johansson, head of real time bidding (RTB) and programmatic for Schibsted, has implemented at the Swedish-based company.

The company has trained their sales team through workshops, how-to guides and hands-on learning.

“We’ve had a lot of training because people have been afraid of programmatic, and if you’re afraid of something, you don’t want to work with it,” said Johansson.

Johansson gave some insight into the procedures his company has implemented to ensure programmatic buying is a smooth process for his team and clients. He noted that they thrive because of their data-driven approach and because they make it a priority to maintain strong client relationships.

Source: The Media Online

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