Publishers invited to beta test Zeddit magazine platform

Zeddit, a service that allows readers to interact around and engage with articles, is inviting publishers to beta test its platform.

Zeddit’s article-based structure and social focus reflect the importance of building digital communities around content and similar interests, and creates a new way to read, discover and enjoy magazines. The platform offers publishers the opportunity to break magazines down into articles, allowing them to publish as often as they like into an article stream. This reduces latency; the gap between magazine issues, and offers a reading experience that people are used to and enjoy.

Zeddit is also a unique platform for publishers to build engaged audiences. It allows writers and readers the capability to add contributions to articles, follow each other and connect in a profoundly new way as stories and topics evolve. Publishers have full control over what content is contributed and by whom and can even invite new contributors.

Jonathan Harris, CEO and founder of Zeddit, said: “Magazines have the potential to be rich social spaces and Zeddit unlocks the social power of a magazine quickly and cheaply. Publishers who are able to increase engagement and drive discovery by making their brands more open and social will survive and thrive, those that remain primarily broadcast, using only push to social networks, will struggle in an increasingly complex digital social landscape.”

Zeddit’s social engagement and the data its exposes provides publishers important new ways to generate revenue, including allowing advertisers to inject themselves into the narrative of the magazine. For editorial teams, it creates deep audience connections and insight.

Publishers can request and invite for Zeddit at

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