Reminder: Save 100s of euros if you book for DIS 2016 before Monday

By booking today, before our pre-agenda offer ends on Monday (30 November), you will save at least €800 on your tickets for Berlin.

A record number of delegates compared to the same time in years before have already booked their tickets, in many cases saving their companies thousands of euros by doing so before the pre-agenda deadline. They are from 25 countries and include the likes of CEOs, MDs, founders and commercial, digital and content managers.

Book now to join them in Berlin


Well, the DIS is simply the premium event in Europe for content-driven media businesses, with a programme exclusively dedicated to digital innovation. It is a programme that will challenge and inspire you. You will learn from an amazing line-up of speakers. And you will have ample opportunity to network with peers from around the world in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, if not the world.

Consider this, from others who have attended DIS before:

• James Tye, CEO of Dennis Publishing, UK: “I have attended and spoken at DIS numerous times over the years … I can think of several occasions when we’ve changed the approach or direction of specific projects as a direct result of insight or thinking from some of the sessions.”

• Fabrizio D’Angelo, CEO of Burda International, Germany: “I have attended DIS several times, and it definitely counts as one of the most important digital conferences in my yearly planning…”

• Jan Moberg, Publisher and CEO of TU Media, Norway: “The DIS is a highlight for me and my team … Of the many conferences I have attended, I rate DIS among the very best. We will be back.”

• Martin Trautmann, Executive Publishing Director at Prisma Media Premium, France: “DIS is a great opportunity to observe and understand the fundamental and challenging changes our industry is going through … Learnings and insight from DIS has impacted on operational as well as strategic decisions on our brands.”

• Bo Sacks, president and publisher of Precision Media Group and media commentator, USA: “As a professional who goes to many publishing conferences, DIS is a standout event and surpasses my expectations each time I go to it. The quality of the speakers, the detailed organisation of the event, and the cleverly designed networking opportunities all combine to bring shrewd insights and profound perspectives into our evolving business…”

Find out more at and/or register today to save at least €800 on your delegate tickets. Remember, this offer ends on Monday, 30 November.

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